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AGTL enjoys a stature in the community, which in turn is an important driver of our role
as a good corporate citizen. Engaging the stake holders, we consider, is crucial for
ensuring sustainability of the company. Engaged shareholders, customers, community,
government, and environment make up a cohesive trellis on which the company builds its
CSR activities.
CSR agenda is essentially supposed to be pro poor .
In the context of Pakistan where a bulk of the
population lives below the bare minimum poverty
line, the company exhibits strong social
responsibility by providing direct and indirect
employment to thousands of homes in the less
developed area of Pakistan in Dera Ghazi Khan. It
not only provides equal opportunity employment to
people in a remote area, it also provides goods and
services and a host of allied services which
gravitate around the AGTL factory in Dera Ghazi
Khan. The company has brought about a whole scale
transformation in the society at Dera Ghazi Khan
with its sight on being a good corporate citizen.

In the age of crooked bookkeeping and executive
excess, AGTL stands out as a model of good
corporate governance. AGTL is a rule – respecting
company with honest tax compliances, respect
for competition, fair labor practices and staying
close to customer’s expectations. AGTL delivers
solid products which rate high in terms of quality.
Offering the lowest prices in the whole world for
their horsepower ranges through capability and
commitment of the workforce, the company is
contributing to the financial well being of the

Corporate sustainability is the new and developing
corporate management paradigm. People – Planet –
and Profit is the new orchestration. While
recognizing that corporate growth and profitability
are important, it also requires the companies to
pursue societal goals. Strategizing CSR for
sustainability, the company has made efforts to
integrate corporate citizenship into management
policies and operations. Environmental
responsibility has been built into the agreement
with CBA.
The company was in the forefront along with its
dealers to help the needy hit by the floods. In
every district the Company dealers had set up camps
to rehabilitate the flood affectees offering food
supplies, support for reconstruction of dwellings,
free medical camps etc.

Following the signing of an agreement with
University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, for “Smart
Irrigation Solutions” the company had made
allocations to setup model farms equipped with drip
and sprinkler systems for the benefi t of educating
the farmers. Alas the whole scheme for which
allocations were made in the federal budget was
dropped, spoiled further by the fl oods. AGTL
however launched a scheme to provide scholarships
for students of the Agriculture University for both
the Faisalabad and Dera Ghazi Khan Campus. The
company also sponsored the visit of one of their
doctoral degree candidates to visit Turkey for a
seminar on water conservation. The company has also
set up a Display Room in the University of
Agriculture, Faisalabad which displays all of the
components of a tractor together with operational
diagrams of the tractor assemblies for first hand
knowledge of the students.

AGTL has also signed up with AIESEC Global
Internship Program that “enables organizations to
source high-potential students from 107 countries
of the world” for “both short-term and long-term
human resource needs”. The company has initiated an
intern from Sri Lanka to make a beginning.

The company will continue to integrate corporate
citizenship as a primary social responsibility by
allowing the paradigm of CSR to permeate all
operations and processes in the company. The
Company aspires to adhere to ISO 26000 on Social